Monday, November 24, 2008

Are you ready for some football?

Not much going on at the Prickril compound, but the pace should pick up as we get closer to Christmas. B's mom and dad will arrive to join her sister Marina, who's here taking a German course. Our friends Luciano and Lucila will also make an appearance with their son.

In the meantime, we still haven't resolved the issues with our phone/internet but seem to be making progress. Looks like we'll go back to T-Comm. I can assure you I'm not pleased.

On the silver lining front, we decided to get cable TV with Kabel BW. We signed up on Thursday at Mediamarket and by Saturday the receiver (with DVR) and smartcard had arrived in the mail! We installed the receiver on Saturday night and were channel surfing in minutes. I'll now be able to catch some pro and college football games on NASN; B will be able to watch a Brazilian network (Record). Just a quick tip for other expats.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Beam me up Scottie (for the love of god)...

I'm in Vegas (again!) and can't wait to blow this sun baked, neon taco stand. I'm in the Mirage this time. It's much nicer inside than it appears from the outside. The digs are really nice and I have a decent view up the Strip. Truth be told, I could care less -- I want out of here!
I would typically not make a Star Trek reference under any circumstances (see the title), but one of the vendors at this show has hired the guy who played Data in the newer version of the series as a spokesmodel. I'm in the software industry and was dying to ask him if IT professionals are as annoying as Trekkies. Guess we'll never know as I uncharacteristically repressed my more obnoxious tendencies (tendencies fueled by free beer at a "reception" no less).
My other brush with greatness was seeing some ventriloquist who won some TV talent show in the States. I've been out of the popular culture loop in the States since before I left so I don't know his name (and can't be bothered to Google him). Anyway, he was filming some type of promotional spot outside the Danny Gans theater. Watching a few minutes of Danny's promotional video convinced me that at least some part of the Geneva Conventions is violated on a regular basis here at the Mirage; it would be torture for me anyway.

Doesn't Vegas put me in a good mood?!

Anyway, last week they celebrated some holiday associated with Saint Martin at Sophia's kindergarten. My favorite part? FIRE! FIRE! (you should imagine Beavis shrieking these words).There was procession with kids carrying lanterns behind (a female!) St. Martin on a horse. In short, fun was had by all.