Monday, June 21, 2010


After much fisticuffs and at least one questionable goal, Brazil won 3-1 over Côte d'Ivoire. It wasn’t pretty (a lot of fouls and fighting), but it’s still one in the “W” column.IMG_3485 (681x1024)One more step toward #6…

Sunday, June 20, 2010

A shocking display of sexuality in Walldorf…

Walldorf has a reputation for being rather sedate, one of the characteristics that brought us to this quaint village a couple of years ago. Imagine my shock when an innocent trip to Walldorf’s Tierpark (it’s not quite big enough to be a zoo) subjected my kids and me to a brazen display of sexuality in the middle of the day! Have these birds no decency?!

About 54 seconds in you can see the primal shaking of a short fan of tail feathers. One of the kids was crying, which drowned out this lurid sound, designed to send the lady folk into salacious hysteria.

Sadly, much like my brief dalliance with cabbage patching in the late 80’s, this peacock’s moves proved unconvincing to the ladies. I was too distraught to continue filming, but would swear the peahen was chuckling in the pictures below. Man, that takes me back…   IMG_3430 (1024x700)Copy of IMG_3430

World Cup Madness…

A quick note to Americans reading this blog: The biggest sporting event on the planet, the World Cup, has begun. If folks in other countries aren’t sending e-mail or answering their phones, they’re probably watching the games.IMG_3409 (681x1024)We are unabashed fans of Brazil at the Prickril Compound. This year’s official libation (as sanctioned by the Mrs.) is the Rasberry Vuvuzela, so named  for it’s nonstop assault on female fans’ senses during the game. Here’s to Brazil’s sixth World Cup title (in the making)!IMG_3407 (683x1024)

Rasberry Vuvuzela recipe:

In a Martini glass add:

  • A lot of Bacardi Razz
  • A splash of Sprite or a similar softdrink
  • Frozen raspberries

In the interest of full disclosure, I would recommend cancelling most of your morning appointments for the next day.

What a difference 10 days make…

It’s been a couple of weeks since we returned from vacation in Greece. The 10 days we were there seem to have been kind to the plants in our yard. The tree outside our front door bloomed for the first time, partially blocking the entrance.IMG_3357 (1024x663) B’s grass, which she has doted over since she planted a couple of months ago, is thriving (in case anyone is worried). She is  (finally) a bit less obsessed with it. Who knew she was a closet farmer?