Monday, June 11, 2007

Disney threw off our groove...

I guess the Disney trip took it out of us. Last weekend was pretty uneventful. Last Thursday was a German holiday so we headed to the public pool in Wiesloch. We had though about asking Thomas and Luciana if they wanted to go, but weren't able to reach them by phone. As I was walking up to the entrance gate, I was almost run over by an Audi driven by none other than Mr. V himself.
The public pool in Wiesloch is really nice. It's pretty cheap and offers a large grassy area, at least a couple of pools, a basketball court and soccer field.

As we expected, the place was packed. We got there at peak time early in the afternoon. I waited about 10 minutes in line for a beer and gave up. Later in the evening the crowd thinned out and we enjoyed ourselves. After the pool, we went out for hamburgers in Wiesloch. When I figure out the name, I'll post it as this place has incredible food.

Saturday morning we headed to the Heidelberg zoo for the second time. Summer is definitely upon us as I believe the temperature in the sun was about 150 degrees Fahrenheit. After spending 3 years in Seattle, we have become a band of total heat whimps.

The highlight this trip was probaby the seal show. We saw the one at 11:00 and then got out of Dodge. We then headed to Pizza Hut near our house in Kirchheim. I ate about 2 pounds of salad and drank a gallon of Apfelschorle, the most popular soft drink (I believe) in Germany. With Sandra gone, we try to stay out of the kitchen as much as possible. Sunday, we planned to head to a lake near Rot, but Emily wasn't feeling well. Turns out she has strep again. We spoke to her pediatrician who informed us that strep has had a hold on the Fatherland for years and years. Our kids seem to be magnets for it, swilling antibiotics like a compulsive gambler swills Maalox.

I ended up staying at home with Emily while B took Robert and Sophia to a pool in Heidelberg. B likes this pool much better, despite the fact that people change into their bathing suites poolside, making no attempt to hide their "bits and pieces". B's shock is exspecially funny given how many people think beaches in Brazil are full of naked women, a total myth.

Next weekend we plan to head to the lake and may spend some time in Schwetzingen. The brewery there beckons.

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