Tuesday, December 25, 2007

A sizzling Christmas Eve...

While most of Germany was escaping the December cold inside their warm homes (getting schnockered on Glüwein, I would imagine), the Prickril girls were getting in touch with their inner Brazilians. Copious amounts of sunscreen protected their young hides from the imaginary Brazilian sun, which in reality feels like fry lights at Burger King this time of year. BTW, Emily's front tooth simply refuses to give in to the inevitable. It's been flopping around for weeks and, at this rate, will cost us a fortune in retouching for her high school graduation pictures.
Since both of us are technically challenged in the kitchen, B and I decided to outsource Christmas dinner to the Bolz butcher's shop here in beautiful downtown Kirchheim. We chose well. We had incredible ham, some of the best stuffing I've ever eaten (although it seemed very meatloafish) and incredible duck. I highly recommend this place. Duck will now replace its dry cousin (turkey) at Prickril holiday gatherings. Anyway, we had a very cozy evening with the kids, even though they were on fire with excitement. We coerced them into bed at about 8:30 with the typical Christmas Eve threats and didn't hear a peep out of them until 1:00 AM, when Robert woke up briefly. Even though Santa had come, he curbed his enthusiasm until his sisters woke up at about 6:30. Details in a future post.

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