Sunday, June 29, 2008


the patron saint of lazy Sundays at the lake. Today we went back to the lake in St. Leon-Rot. I had only been there once, last year, and blogged about it. B and the kids have gone a few times and always love it. Inveterate "beach" bums that we are, we went there before noon and got home a little before 20:00. Slowly but surely, the kids are getting old enough that we don't have to watch them like hawks (constantly anyway). Suffice it to say it was a gorgeous day spent doing some much needed unwinding. On Thursday, a good friend of mine gets in from the States. On Friday, he and I head to Amsterdam (another place upon which I have lavished praise in this blog).
Saturday, we went to a perennial favorite at the Prickril Compound, Strasbourg. The day was beautiful and we did a few things we hadn't before. First, we took the boat tour on the Ill (the river that runs through Strasbourg). I highly recommend this excursion. It lasted close to an hour and the city is impressively beautiful from river level.
After taking the water tour, Emily, Robert, Penha and I walked up to the top of the cathedral. The view is spectacular but I wouldn't recommend this climb for claustrophobes or people that are completely out of shape (I'm just mostly out of shape). The stairs just keep coming and it's quite obvious that 1.) space is at a premium when building a cathedral tower and 2.) folks in Medieval times were much smaller (I've read that The Plague and Smallpox do wonders for the waistline). Anyway, enjoy a few shots.

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