Sunday, June 22, 2008

National Velveteen...

Aside from the early onset of old age, not sure why I've been so wiped out on the weekends. Luckily, not much is going on so I'm not missing much while sleeping. We went to Speyer last Sunday. B put Sophia in an outfit that Emily has outgrown and never like anyway. The tennis look suits her well in my opinion.
On Tuesday, Cristina (B's Mom) headed back to Brazil. After having left a bit late to catch the airport shuttle at the Crown Plaza (taking folks to the airport is a three hour ordeal for us otherwise), Cristina discovered that she had left her ticket and passport at the ranch. Plan B (the letter, not my wife), a cab, turned out to be a 100 Euro kick to the financial solar plexus so B ended up taking her. What B and her Mom and Sister lack in organization, they more than make up for in total chaos.
Yesterday we got a call from a lady who gives riding lessons at a farm here in Kirchheim. B had gone there a few weeks ago to inquire about lessons for the girls but was told there were no open slots. The owner said she'd call if a slot ever opened up and, sure enough, she did!
The girls absolutely loved riding the ponies. Emily, of course, seems like a natural. They haven't yet asked for a pony of their own, although Emily's having picked a horse-themed birthday party makes me more than a little nervous. Just in case she's reading this, let me sneak in a preemptive "No!". If you know Emily and/or Sophia, please pass it on.
By the way, summer seems to have arrived (finally). It felt like it was about 110 degrees on the farm. The smell of fermenting manure wafting through the humid air is something I won't soon forget (all my trying aside).

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