Sunday, August 24, 2008

Greetings from Turkey...

It wasn't easy, but we got here. Never has one of our vacations started with so much drama. We got off to a late start, arriving at the Frankfurt airport at 16:30 on Friday, a little more than an hour before our flight. As it was an international flight, I prefer a little more buffer. We had reserved a spot at a parking garage but elected to park at the airport to avoid missing our flight. Little did we know we had already missed it by almost 12 hours!Our tickets showed our flight left at 5:40. B, who can't imagine anything would actually be scheduled at that hour, interpreted it a 5:40 PM. The fact that Germans typically use the 24 hour time format should have helped. It didn't.

When we arrived inside the terminal we couldn't find our flight listed anywhere. It took B only a few minutes to realize she had made a big mistake. Luckily, we found an alternate flight that left less than an hour and a half after the original. We missed a day at the beach but also missed getting up at 2:30 (AM for Americans readers {and for B!}) to catch our flight. In the end, we even managed to get a tour shuttle from the airport to our resort. All in all, it worked out amazingly well.

Anyway, we're here and having a great time. We're not blown away by the "apartment" at the resort, but it will do. Everything else at the resort is really beautiful (see for yourself below) and the beach is really nice. Since we have free (and slow!) wireless in the lobby (this place really is all inclusive), I'll try to update you on our trip here from time to time until we leave on Friday.The kids are having a blast. They've never been to an all inclusive anything so are amazed that we don't have to pay for all the stuff they're eating and drinking (the ice cream tab alone would break the bank at a "regular" hotel).

This morning, we had breakfast on the "lanai". Nice way to start the day (I must say).

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