Saturday, December 27, 2008

Headed to church...

There's a beautiful lighted church at the end (or beginning, depending on your perspective) of the Hauptstrasse in Walldorf. I've been threatening to take a long exposure of it at night since they erected a huge Christmas tree a few weeks back. On Christmas night, I finally decided to do it. My father-in-law, fool that he is, decided to tag along.
It's been rediculously cold here for the last few days. The wind that night made it feel about -200; it also didn't help capture a clean long exposure. Strangely enough, when I got home I had a cold beer. Draw your own conclusions about my Hefeweizen "issues".I've taken better pictures, be these weren't too bad. By the way, when my German neighbors asked me where I was going (at midnight), I tried to explain that I was going to take pictures of the church. All they understood was that I was going to church. They were quite impressed. I'm not sure what they must have thought when I showed up at home 15 minutes later!

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