Sunday, March 01, 2009

A sensation...

is the only way I can describe the pictures B took of the kids before a Fasching (Carnaval) party last week. She posted them on her Orkut site and the folks in Brazil (many of them family) went nuts. Thought I'd share a few of them here. The girls went as Flamenco dancers with costumes we bought in Barcelona.
Robert may have stumbled onto a performance enhancing technique with his Batman mask. You can see above how it drastically improves his oxygen intake by forcing his nostrils wide open. Could that be Batman's real secret weapon? One can only speculate.

Many reading this probably aren't familiar with Orkut. It's a social networking site that was hijacked by virtually the entire country of Brazil. Amazing how you can find everybody (from Brazil) on this site. For purely social purposes, it's almost replaced e-mail for the folks we know.

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