Friday, April 03, 2009

It's a Webbuh...

Ever since we moved into a proper house last August, B has been dreaming of buying a grill. Today we finally decided to pull the trigger. We carted up the kids and went to the big Bauhaus in Viernheim and bought a Weber Q200 with a handy dandy stand(y?). In Seattle during the summer, we grilled almost 3 meals a day (throw another Eggo on the barbie).
While I risked our lives setting the thing up and connecting the gas tank (basically a rented bomb), B went to SBK and bought an obscene amount of grillable stuff. As I type, the luscious smell of steak, chicken and linguiça is wafting from our patio through the living room. It's a little past 20:30 and the kids are ravenous.
Now that the temperature is reaching a respectable 20 degrees (about 70 for those in the States), the smell of grill'n has officially kicked of Spring for us at the Prickril compound. We're counting on seeing a lot more of Thomas now that he lives down wind.

By the way, grilled chicken hearts (seen above on skewers) are a taste I developed in Brazil, where they are common in churrascarias. While at first seeing them on spits spooked me a little, I must admit that now they're my favorite part of the grilling experience. All I can say is "don't knock 'em 'til you tried 'em".

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Marina said...

Que cara boooa!!
De cheiro de queijo pra raclete para cheiro de grill, que beleza heein!!
To esperando voces aqui!!!