Sunday, April 26, 2009

Spring flowers…

After a winter that was real bummer, I can’t say enough about this spring. Feels like we’re in Southern California (a version with better beer). Yesterday B took the kids to the pool in Schwetzingen. I somehow lucked out and got to stay home. I worked out and then took a jog in the woods close to the salt mines (work). I must say I was really impressed with “Walldorf Pond”, as I affectionately call it.IMG_3088 (2)We’d been there once for a function for Robert’s school, but it was dark and extremely cold. Yesterday was gorgeous. Tons of sunshine, flowers everywhere and a nice pond to stare into to relax the ol’ melon. I went back later with Robert, who also enjoyed it.

IMG_3045 (2)IMG_3052 (2)

walldorf wald pond_3071 (2)

Today, Sophia’s school had an event at the Catholic church on the Hauptstrasse in Walldorf. She didn’t participate on stage, but was very cute singing along in the audience. My patience for virtually all things religious is well know. I lasted through about half of it and the went down the street to have a cold beer. Something about knowing I was missing an incredible Spring day.

I was later joined by the kids, who wanted ice cream. I gave Emily 5 Euros and sent her on her way. She spent most of it on a 4 scoop monstrosity that only she could dream up.IMG_3104 (2)As usual, Sophia knocked back a cold one with Daddy. If you’re offended by a four year old drinking beer, you should see her with a hangover. Brutal. By the way, I am kidding.IMG_3118 (2)Showing an international flare, Emily got her hijab on (really a scarf she borrowed from B)        but soon after was spied praying in front of the church. It reminded me of the time we were visiting a cathedral and when B explained what a confessional is; Emily all but broke into a full sprint in the other direction!emily burka_3169 (2)emily pray_3181 (2)

On the way home, the girls bought roses. Nice touch, no?

kids with flowers_3228

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Marina said...

Cunhaado!! Lembro da ultima vez que eu estive ai em Maio. Foi vez mais linda de tooodas! O tempo perfeito, tudo florido, pessoas na rua... Que saudaaades! Me deu muita vontade de estar ai!
Amo voces!