Wednesday, November 03, 2010

White imbalance…

Monday was a holiday in our state in Germany (All Saints Day), so that morning I took Jerry and my stepfather to the woods in Walldorf, where I usually run. I started taking pictures immediately but struggled mightily to try to capture the beautiful hue of the fall foliage. Jerry asked me about the white balance setting I was using and I (almost) instantly discovered the value of this heretofore overlooked setting. Notice how my camera’s automatic white balance setting turns fall (left) into summer (right).

IMG_3513 (1024x683) IMG_3442 (1024x683)

Why must I learn all photographic lessons the hard way (after years of torturing myself trying to get a good exposure with slightly odd lighting) ? Regardless, the woods were absolutely gorgeous.  IMG_3534 (1024x683)IMG_3553 (683x1024)Some of the trees appeared to be ablaze. IMG_3539 (681x1024)Every wood worth its salt has a graffiti tree.IMG_3555 (683x1024)The pond was beautiful, as usual. The colors continue to become more vivid with each passing day. fall pond 2010_3484 Panorama (1024x273)IMG_3486 (1024x683)A little video that I play when I need to go to my “happy place”.

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