Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Greetings from Vegas...

As I hear this place was once rife with mafia types (and might still be), I'll spare you a diatribe against Vegas in the interest of self preservation. I'll go back into aggressive whine mode when I'm safely on the other side of the pond this weekend.
My implicit dislike for this place notwithstanding, I did manage to get some interesting shots of the hotel where I'm staying and parts of the strip. Enjoy.
By the way, the spirit of Elvis still permeates this modern, artificial Gomorrah and seems to be getting to me. For instance, last night I dreamed I was eating a stick of butter dipped in table sugar. This morning I awoke with an (almost) irresistible craving for Seconal and Ding-dongs. Must fight urge to abuse prescription narcotics and fatty comfort food. Did I just type that?

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