Sunday, February 17, 2008

The Indians called it Mainz...

This was a pretty low key weekend as B is coming off a near-death influenza experience. Yesterday I took the kids to the park in the afternoon while B tried to whip this place into shape. She failed. This place looks like a Gap that was looted. We'll be doing laundry non-stop until sometime in early April.

Saturday evening, we ended up getting a babysitter and having dinner at Das Bootshaus. Beyond having one of the best views in Heidelberg in the summer, the food at this place is incredible. B had the lamb (again) while I had wicked salad adorned with steak. This place is a no-brainer any time of year.

Today, Robert had a birthday in the morning. While I held down the fort, all three kids played at JumpInn under the watchful eye of their mother. When they got back we headed to Mainz, a really nice city less than an hour to the Northwest of Heidelberg.

Even though it was already getting cold by the time we got there, I have a great impression of Mainz. It's got a couple of really nice cathedrals and a shopping area that looks top-notch, even though everything is closed in Germany on Sundays (something that still irks me, I must admit). We walked around a bit, hung out, had ice cream (at the kids' request) and headed back pretty quick. Upon walking into the main cathedral, we caught a light effect at the alter that was unbelievable. Unfortunately, this church has a crack squad of tripod police that wouldn't let me take pictures with the help of said contraption. I still managed to get some decent shots from the pews. I then went looking for a church I had seen when I Googled Mainz yesterday: St. Augustine's church. Unfortunately, we got there just as it was closing. I can't wait to go back when there's better weather as it is absolutely gorgeous. I got the following shot through the glass as a very sweet nun was shooing us out the door.
On the way back home, we finally ate at a Macedonian (or Makedonian, as their sign says). This place is within a few minutes of the compound and really good. Although the interior decorating won't take your breath away, the food is quite good. Incidentally, they have a good salad bar for 2 Euros!

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