Saturday, October 30, 2010

Top of the tube…

Jerry and I decided to ascend the tall white tower next to city hall to get the lay of the city and hopefully some nice shots. It’s probably the narrowest staircase I’ve ever had to climb, blurring the line between stairs and ladders.IMG_2714 (683x1024) Any way, the view was absolutely gorgeous. We got some of the best shots from a window we opened on the way up.IMG_2760 (1024x683)IMG_2740 (1024x683) IMG_2742 (1024x683) However, nothing could top the view from, well, the top!city from steepel_2764 Panorama (1024x355)IMG_2762 (1024x683)IMG_2785 (642x1024)If you make it to Rothenburg (and don’t have a heart condition), I would recommend the climb. IMG_2781 (1024x683)IMG_2776 (1024x668)

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