Sunday, January 27, 2008

Diet of Worms revisited...

Today we made it to a city I've wanted to visit since we came to Germany: Worms. While not well known by many, it is a city of huge historic importance as it was there that Martin Luther traveled to stand his ground against the greatest imaginable power (of his time anyway). Just showing up to address this infamously hostile crowd, known as the Diet of Worms, took huevos of steel. For this, he'll always be a hero of mine (a slew of his other, more repugnant views notwithstanding). As we are wont to do, we avoided complicating the trip with any kind of preparation. We parked near St. Peter's cathedral, a gorgeous, majestic structure that gently dominates the skyline (as it has since the 12th century). The kids played on its grounds for a while, until they started complaining they were hungry. Quite close to the church we found a pizzeria (Pepe e Sale) that was really good. The decore was quaint and quite intersting: mugs hanging from the ceiling and lamp shades made from clay roof tiles.
Before having a late lunch, we wondered around inside the cathedral a bit. It might be the most beautiful church I've seen in Germany. When Spring roles around, I'd love to go back and do a tour to see more of the city. I have a feeling we saw a tiny percentage of what Worms has to offer and I got a really good vibe from this city. Finally, although these majestic monuments are impressive, I've never taken a picture of one that approaches the beauty below.

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