Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Heads up to the tooth fairy...

Emily's tooth finally fell out. To be more precise, it was pulled out (by me)! I started to worry that it was shifting backward the new tooth behind it so I took matters into my own hands. Emily is thrilled. It's already under her pillow so if the Tooth Fairy is reading this blog, wear something warm when you come to Heidelberg.
One more note for the Tooth Fairy (who will hopefully read this post when she gets back from the mall): Let's not exaggerate on the dental compensation this time. I think Emily got 10 Euros for the last tooth. That's remarkably more than the quarter I got when I was her age (even adjusted for inflation over these many, many years).
And finally, am I the only one that thinks that, at three, Sophia is way too young to be giving me this look? She's obviously spending too much time with her mother. Good thing school starts again next week.

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essie said...

Happy Holidays from Heidelberg!

Wow-good thing that Tooth Fairy is at your house-we'd have children pulling their OWN teeth just for the incentive!