Sunday, January 27, 2008

I got a wall around me...

On Saturday we headed back to Rothenburg, a walled medieval city in Bavaria, an hour and half or so from Heidelberg. We poked around all morning debating whether we'd go or not, so didn't head out until 11:30 or so. We made good time on the way and upon arriving found the city almost empty, a welcome relief given that last time it was overflowing with tourists. A tip to those that go this time of season: there's ample parking inside the wall of the city. We only found this out after parking in one of the massive parking lots outside of it. After walking around for a while looking at tons of Christmas stuff (much to my chagrin), we decided to take a carriage tour. It was nice to see other parts of the city and hear about its history. The kids really enjoyed it, especially Emily. After the slow trip around the city, we had lunch at Zum Swan -- decent, typical German food at a pretty reasonable price. I had a couple of Hefes (go figure). Finally, one of the kids yesterday (Robert, I think) said that the city reminded him of the movie Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. While perusing the Wikipedia article above, I saw in the trivia section that they filmed the "Vulgarian" village scenes right there in Rothenburg. Who knew?

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