Monday, April 14, 2008

Heck on wheels...

This weekend marked the first time that (most of) the Prickril clan took our bike riding skills out of the garage and on to the streets of Kirchheim. We took a couple of laps around the block before Sophia gave out (her "bike" doesn't have pedals). After dropping her off back at the ranch, Robert, Emily and I had a blast touring our neighborhood on six wheels (collectively).
Although there were some close calls, no damage was done to the numerous cars that line both sides of the street here. By the way, in Germany it's common to buy an insurance policy that protects you against the financial devastation that can be wrought by kids with more energy than coordination or restraint. I bought such a policy with my car insurance and, luckily, haven't had to use it. Yet.

Saturday afternoon I bummed around the Altstadt taking pictures here and there (the usual suspects, as you can see below). I'm particularly fond of the fountain "spigot". It was a fairly nice day although it's already turned cold again. I hate to wax poetic, but cruel Spring, why hath thou forsaken us? Alright, so maybe I'm waxing biblical -- you get the point: it's mid-April and way too cold for my taste. On Sunday, we called a babysitter and headed to beautiful downtown Wiesloch to have a few drinks with friends. The "platz" there has a nice vibe and we were able to sit outside in the cold with a gas heater by our side. I've always loved this setup. Later, after church services were over (for the folks who went while we drank), I entered the little church there. Really impressive (that I could still take level pictures -- the church was nice too). I, as usual, had a disturbing number of hefes (as did Thomas {not that Thomas, another one)). B and her friend Andrea put away their share of Caipirinhas. Not a bad way to cap off a nice weekend.

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