Saturday, April 05, 2008

Back in black...

As readers of this blog know, my camera was recently stolen from a conference room at the Maritim hotel in Darmstadt. The "Prickril's Adventures" faithful also know I'm a compulsive photographer with a lot more disk space than talent. Today, while at Mediamarkt with Robert, I found out that the camera I intended to buy in the States next month was essentially the same price here thanks to a generous rebate from the folks at Canon (arigatou gozaimasu my brothers); so, I replaced my stolen camera (and the new one is black).

I'll spare non-photo geeks the details, but I upgraded to a better camera and lens and, in my humble opinion, the pictures speak for themselves...
Can't wait to do some landscape and long exposure shots.

By the way, Emily dressed herself up as a bride today and allowed me to catch her first kiss in all its high megapixel splender. Since she shared this private display of affection with a nutcracker, I let it slide.
Finally, ever wonder what expression kids make when their dad has tested their patience by giving their retinas an artificial sunburn with his new camera? Wonder no more.For the few photo geeks that I know read this blog, I bought a Canon 40D with the Canon 17-85mm lens.

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Ted said...

Hadn't been to the blog in quite some time. I also watched a presentation by you done back in 2008. Something about input/output and beer.

We just had a visit from Ana's brother and sister-in-law from Brasil. Did quite a bit of stuff in 2 weeks. Gorge, coast, SF, Monterey and Big Sur. Of course..SHOPPED a lot. You know what I mean:)