Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Colmar Part Deux...

For those who missed the last post, we spent the weekend in Colmar, France. On Sunday, we awoke and beat a path for the "carriage stop". We were then treated to a 15 minute (or so), slow going tour of the city. For some reason, the kids didn't seem too impressed this time. Jaded at 3, 6 and 8. The teenage years are not going to be easy.We then had lunch at a decent place not too far from where the carriage dropped us off. When I took the girls inside to use the restroom, I spied an older couple chowing down on a pork knuckle. Although the name doesn't necessarily scream "great eats", this traditional German dish is excellent. I've never verified this, but my assumption is that cardiologists in Germany do land office business.
We then walked around to a few churches as I wanted to take some HDRs. Turns out cathedrals in Colmar take a siesta early in the afternoon. We soon decided that it was time to head back. We made excellent time, arriving in Heidelberg a couple of hours after we left Colmar.
Shortly before leaving, Emily gave the lady at the front desk a bouquet of the tulips she'd picked the day before. When we returned shortly before leaving, they'd been incorporated into a little display in the reception area. The good will Emily earned with this act softened the blow a bit when, about a half hour out of the city, B held up the garage door opener from the hotel! Covered parking at the hotel is about 300 meters away, beneath an apartment building. I had gone to the van with Robert to so the girls wouldn't have to walk from the hotel. Amidst the inevitable maelstrom that erupts whenever we try to get all five of us moving in the same direction, I had failed to return the clicker to the front desk. Guess that's why they have two. B dropped it in the mail first thing Monday morning so I think the chances of prosecution are slim.

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