Sunday, April 20, 2008

I Y Strasbourg...

B's aunt and Godmother (same person) has been in town for about a week. Since I saw very little outside the office last week (long, depressing story), I missed going to most of the usual haunts where we take the masses of folks who come to visit us, e.g., the castle, Baden-Baden. Today, we decided we would go to Strasbourg and then Colmar. A lot of people whose opinion I respect have lavished copious praise upon the latter, so there was no was I was going to miss it. Even though I've been to Strasbourg at least 5 times (probably more), I love it more every time I go.
We made good time on the way there, hitting the beach in time for lunch. We got off to a bit of a rocky start when we had to park the USS Voyager (a minivan that drives like an aircraft carrier) in a garage apparently designed for Hot Wheels. To make matters worse, soon after leaving the garage a street vendor got perturbed that I took a picture of his friend (who was looking the other way, wearing an EU umbrella hat). He started shouting at me in French. Having had way too much coffee (and probably having worked too much lately), I didn't hesitate to respond in kind in English (Texan really). Once he realized I was probably crazier than he (and twice as big), he backed off. Note to self: Take your meds!

Serenity now! Anyway, we had some good crêpes before Robert and I headed into the main cathedral to take some shots. We did alright, if I do say so myself. B took Dinda (aforementioned aunt/Godmother) and the kids on the train tour (which by now B could easily narrate from memory). I walked around snapping pictures like someone who needs to take his meds (as usual).
After joining forces again at around 16:00, we decided to head to Colmar, until Poposuda (navigation system) told us it was an hour away. We beat a hasty retreat back to the compound where we dined on some of the best stroganoff I have ever had. Three cheers for B and Dinda.

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