Tuesday, October 07, 2008

A (Big) silver lining…

On Tuesday of last week, I was none too pleased when I received an e-mail from my manager’s admin asking me to cover for him at a presentation he was to give that afternoon. I was even less thrilled when I learned I would essentially lose my entire (packed) afternoon traveling to and from SAP Arena to give said presentation. However, there was a (big) silver lining in that the presenter would get a free ticket to the Stevie Wonder concert being held there that night. After explaining to the meeting’s coordinator that one ticket could be the end of my marriage, he took mercy and scared up another. Since my parents are in town and were willing to ride herd our brood for a few hours, my wife and I got to see the concert from some really nice seats just outside a suite that my company maintains at the arena. By the way, my presentation was in the same suite and got drowned out by Stevie’s sound check!Although the show wasn’t the greatest in terms of pace, Stevie can still belt it out in his unique, awe-inspiring style. It’s absolutely flabbergasting how many unquestionably classic songs he’s written over the years. If you ever have the chance to see him, I wouldn’t pass it up (and I’m not some super fan. I don’t own a single Stevie Wonder record). It sounds clichéd, but the songs bring back so many memories that it feels like you’re listening to the soundtrack of your life (then again, maybe the onset of old age is just making me overly sentimental). By the way, the venue didn’t look anywhere near sold out to us.

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