Friday, January 02, 2009

Kulture in Karlsruhe...

On Tuesday, I took the in-laws to the Badisches Landesmuseum in Karlsruhe. I happened upon this place when I first visited Germany in 2006. I tried to take my parents there in September, but was rudely reminded that museums are closed in Germany on Mondays. This time, I got this flock of nats herded at 9:30 so we'd be at the museum when it opened. I won’t disclose all my secrets for forcing cariocas to be punctual, but threats were definitely involved.The museum used to be a palace and houses a collection that spans pre-Egyptian history to the present. There was a special exhibition on heroes that we didn't see as the "normal" collection more than sated our appetite for culture in the two hours we toured it.The Hitler pin cushion was one of our favorite items from the WWII collection.
I'm pretty impressed with the museum's collection. In a few places, they have interactive exhibits like the masks below. On the downside, they don't translate the exhibit descriptions (most world class museums at least translate into English as well as the local language). Interestingly, they let you take pictures (without flash)
The museum has a tower you can climb if you have the gumption. The view from up there isn't too bad. I liked the view of the staircase.
Afterward, we stumbled around the part of Karlsruhe near the museum, warming ourselves up with espresso and hot chocolate. We noticed in the museum (and on the street lamp posts) that Karlsruhe used to be Carlsruhe. That afternoon, I took my father-in-law to Ladenburg. We walked around this quaint little town and then walked to the Neckar. Without really trying, I took what I consider one of my best portrait shots. Thank you Canon.The one below lacks technical excellence, but is amusing nonetheless.

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