Sunday, January 25, 2009

Signore Coffee...

I must admit I was not overwhelmed with joy when B and I opened one of our Christmas presents (from ourselves to ourselves - B handled the details with Santa). It was a coffee maker from Tchibo that requires little coffee capsules instead of the usual filter etc. B saw my disappointment and told me that the coffee is cheap and that you can make all kinds, just like in Tchibo cafés. "Great!" I thought, I now get to pay a fortune for mediocre coffee that used to cost me pennies. As readers of this blog know, I hate getting worked over by "the Mann", as he's called here in Germany (especially when he's masquerading as an Italian {Tchibo is a German company}). After using it for a few weeks, I have to admit, it's pretty cool. First of all, the coffee is pretty cheap: about 20 cents a cup. B can use it to make her foofy Cafe Machiatos (foam and all) and I can whip up a pretty mean espresso in a minute or two (including letting the machine warm up). The coffee is simply excellent. Since B was spending 3 Euros a day or more to support her morning habit at a café close to her German course, I figure I'm coming out ahead Euro-wise.

Yesterday we went to the Tchibo store to buy coffee and saw that they offer a sweet little rack for easy access to our morning boost.
By the way, in Germany, I've almost never seen the packs of powdered sweetener so common in the US, e.g., Splenda. From what I can tell, a lot of folks use little sweetener tables or liquid (like my Grandma used when I was a kid). I've gotten used to the tablets (even with the unreliable dispenser) and now prefer them to all the other types {I take three!}.
Finally, it's a bit ironic that Starbucks set out to create the European café culture in the States as they're now strong here and I think their style has influence many Continental cafés (I've seen knockoffs all over the place). I'm still amazed that almost wherever I go (Seattle, Orlando, Berlin, Heidelberg, Paris, Barcelona), there are long lines at Starbucks.


Bea said...

I just have to say it one more time: I told you so,Bebê!

fen said...
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essie said...

so-you both like the coffe maker then!
...we've been debating, and looking, and all of the thihgs associated with finding something to make me happy in the morning!

this model is one we've considered...and based on this post...i'm thinking it's a buy!

essie said...

oh-before I forget-you can get the coffee cup thingie bits at the Real as well. I saw them Friday, maybe a few euro cheaper?!
worth a shot!

Anonymous said...

HI there. My husband is obsessed with all things Tshibo. What an amazing concept that store is and nothing really compares in the US.
Sounds like you are located in Heidelberg area. We moved here about a year ago and are really liking it.