Monday, June 01, 2009

Goodbye to a good friend (for now)…

On Sunday, we went to a barbeque at Thomas’s and Andrea’s house in Malschenberg. Thomas’s parents had come in from Münster. Although they didn’t necessarily know it, for me it was a goodbye party to a dear, dear friend: beer. We’ll be headed to Brazil in a couple of months and it’s time to get my carcass into at least slightly better shape. That means that I must give up beer as it overloads me with calories and robs me of sleep and the will to do cardio.

If you’re reading this beer, fret not: I promise we’ll be reunited in August in Rio. I will do my best to make up for lost time. (Did I really just leave a message for beer?)

Anyway, the get-together was exceptional. The weather was absolutely perfect and we were all in good spirits. As a matter of fact, many of us continually imbibed good spirits.  There were four houses in a row all having outdoor barbeques!thomas house_5925 After taking photos at Thomas Wolverine’s wedding (yes, a different Thomas), I was a bit disappointed at how bad I am at taking portraits. I’m trying to get better and, with the forbearance of those in attendance, I actually got some good shots. Thomas called this morning claiming he was still seeing spots from the flash. I personally put all the blame on the cachaça.IMG_6005mormann parents_5906thomasm_5882 heinz glasses_5884b emily andrea_5883andrea emily_5934robert 5995sophia_6384I finally managed to capture one of those rare images that actually takes you into my melon. This is my view at most parties; only the scenery around the edges seems to change!IMG_6050

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