Friday, June 05, 2009

Our lives in high definition...

I reluctantly bought a new toy to capture the kids' cuteness for posterity. We already had a video camera but the resolution wasn't that great and I got really sick of capturing videos to my computer from tape. I bought a Canon Vixia HG20 that has a hard drive. I can just connect it to a PC and copy and paste the movies.

I'm pretty impressed with the image quality. Take a look at this short, random clip with Robert below. Be sure to click the high def button at the bottom of the video frame when Youtube opens.
See Bobber here. By the way, he's saying hello to his grandparents in Portuguese.

You can see the video full screen by clicking the button below.

My apologies for the exaggerated guidance to anyone below the age of 50 who reads this blog. My parents (for example) will probably appreciate the guidance.

I've started a blog on using the HG20 here.

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