Monday, August 23, 2010

An eclectic dinner…

Dinner Friday night in Teresópolis was a bit difficult to plan. We weren’t really sure who would show up when and had some leftovers to dispose of. We ended up enjoying one of the most eclectic dinners I’ve had in a long time: Lobster Bisque and hotdogs. IMG_6166 (1024x683)The Lobster Bisque took care of the leftover lobster meat from Wednesday. Penha continues to amaze me with her culinary flexibility. It was truly delicious.IMG_6174 (1024x683)Hotdogs Brazilian style was something I had requested even before I arrived. It seemed like a good option for tonight given that folks would be rolling in throughout the evening. The rolls are freshly baked and the “sauce” is made from tomatoes and bell peppers.IMG_6178 (683x1024)I even managed to find genuine German Hefeweizen way up here in the mountains of Rio (a bargain at the equivalent of 4€ per bottle). I left it in the freezer longer than I intended but ended up chilling it to perfection. Hefe junkie that I am, I am in awe of its icy beauty.IMG_6176 (683x1024)

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