Saturday, April 16, 2011

First night in Madrid…

We got to our hotel by 10:00 or so and immediately hit the pavement. By 17:00 we were pretty tired and knew it didn’t make much sense to head out before 21:00 so we rested. I didn’t want to lug my camera around on our first night on the streets so took a few shots/videos with my phone.IMG_0016 (852x1280) IMG_0023 (956x1280)The city was hopping. Starting near the Plaza San Miguel, we walked a good kilometer and half on streets packed with folks of all ages letting loose in the near perfect Spring weather.IMG_0028 (1280x956) Nothing like smoked pig leg to get the party started.IMG_0030 (1280x853) Copy of IMG_0030 (971x648)Chris was drinking Sangria; I beer (as usual). It didn’t take too long to get a nice buzz on, although we took it relatively easy (the same cannot be said for Monday night!).IMG_0040 (956x1280) IMG_0041 (851x1280)It was a pleasant surprise to find the city way more active after dark than during the day. The streets were jammed with people walking around or having beer and wine at the countless bars along most streets.

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