Thursday, April 14, 2011

Wine garden…

Beside the palace and across the street from our hotel lie the Gardens of Sabatini (Jardines de Sabatini). After hours of walking around the city, Chris decided we’d go there and rest our dogs and souls. This expansive and beautifully landscaped park was just what the doctor ordered.IMG_7057 (835x1280)IMG_7056 (1280x831)IMG_7059 (1280x853) IMG_7061 (1280x853) IMG_7063 (1280x853)Somewhere during our peregrinations, I had decided that it would be cool to buy some cheap wine glasses, get a nice Spanish wine and relax. We found all we needed at a couple of the many El Corte Inglés outlets clustered near the Calle Mayor. We also bought some strong, sweaty Spanish cheese.IMG_7068 (1280x853)IMG_7073 (853x1280)IMG_7081 (1280x853)We had a feeling we were being sold a bill of goods when we bought a bottle opener that was supposed to work with suction. 5 Euros wasted. Luckily, I always carry a "travel" corkscrew when globe trotting ("Never leave home without it"). Although we weren't sure where our hotel was relative to our resting spot, I volunteered to go find it. Luckily for us, it was right across the street from where we’d stopped!IMG_7082 (1280x853) A perfect ending to a perfect day. We went back to the hotel and laid low waiting for night to set.IMG_7086 (1280x853) This detail from the picture above shows just how close we were to our hotel (I took the shot from my room).Copy of IMG_7086 (1280x853)

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