Wednesday, April 13, 2011

I HEART Madrid…

Got back on Tuesday from one of my best excursions ever: Madrid. I had a business meeting on Monday afternoon so decided to fly in Saturday to give it a thorough look-see. I’m a bit embarrassed to admit now that I had low expectations. I’m a big fan of Barcelona and Catalonians in general don’t tend to speak too highly of the Spanish capital.IMG_6791 (683x1024)IMG_6770 (684x1024)Suffice it to say that I love Madrid almost as much as Barcelona, whose beaches give it only the slightest advantage. I found the old part of Madrid to be a wonderland of architecture, human warmth and amazing food and drink.IMG_6771 (682x1024)I sense tons of posts emerging in the coming days.IMG_6768 (669x1024)

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