Saturday, April 23, 2011

Last night in Madrid…

As we walked around Madrid on our last night, we did our best not to think about having to leave. We had a few beers at the Plaza San Miguel and then poked around the Mercado San Miguel at bit. We (Wolfgang, Chris and I) ended up at Meson on Calle  Cava de San Miguel to have drink and tapas. IMG_8009 (850x1280) Chris and Wolfgang were drinking Sangria.IMG_8022 (853x1280) I (go figure) was having ice cold beer.IMG_8032 (853x1280)We ordered a plate of meats and cheeses and some chipirones (baby squid). All was excellent.

IMG_8037 (853x1280) IMG_8040 (853x1280)

IMG_8050 (1280x853)IMG_8044 (853x1280)IMG_8054 (1280x853)I became transfixed with the table next to us. To me it was a still life masterpiece. We chatted with the very friendly French “artists” for quite a while. His son was headed to the US. First stop? Harlem.IMG_8055 (1280x853)IMG_8019 (853x1280)Wolfgang decided to head back to the hotel around midnight. Chris bailed on me a bit later (leaving a huge mug of sangria for me to finish).IMG_8069 (852x1280)I was then left at 1:00 or so to head back to the hotel alone. It was one of the highlights of the trip.

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