Sunday, May 25, 2008

Adapt, improvise and overcome...

On Tuesday, we tried to get our vacation back on track. Emily was in the hospital until noon but was raring to go when they released her. After having spent a night in a hospital chair, I was much less so. By the way, the entire affair, including general anesthetic and an overnight stay was less than 1000 Euros: cheap by American standards I would guess (insurance will cover the costs {I hope!}).

Anyway, while I got cleaned up and took a quick cat nap, B returned to the park with Emily where Marina was waiting with the other two. I got to the park at almost exactly 16:00, parade time. I couldn’t find the crew so walked around and took a few pics. Sophia’s (rescheduled) birthday party was scheduled for 17:00, so we met at the restaurant.
Sophia’s 4th birthday party was a huge success. B bought tickets for a big communal party given at one of the restaurants near the castle. There was a breakfast/dessert buffet and a bunch of the characters spent quality time with this relatively small crowd. Robert is still terrified of these folks in costumes and I continue to applaud him for it. Let’s face it: there’s something at least mildly creepy about it.
By the way, birthday or no, this party is a pretty good deal. We all had dinner, cake and quality time with the (creepy?) characters for less than 20 Euros a head. We'll likely fake a birthday next year if we have to.

An amusing side note: Goofy seems to have taken well to France (although he probably needs to get out more). Both B and Marina swear he copped a feel during the festivities. Classic.


essie said...

It sounds like you got a good dose of Harrison Family Reality! I'm SO glad to read that your daughter is alright...and...there's nothing like a theme park to get a broken arm feeling better, fast!

Sending lots of good vibes your way for a peaceful holiday!

grpNiteroi said...

Thanks Essie. Sending good vibes back atcha. Best wishes for TL's quick recovery.