Monday, May 12, 2008

Freeze! Put that camera on the deck...

Last night I took a bike ride to get out of the house and take some shots of the Heidelberg sunset. I'm not overwhelmed by the pictures, but it was nice to get out. I rode down 535 not too far from the A5 on ramp. I rode up a pedestrian bridge to get a nice view of the sunset, set up my tripod and put on my headphones (and lit up a Cuban cigarillo). I must say the smell of freshly irrigated fields in the Spring does an Oklahoma boy good (wheat, no less!).
Next thing I know, an MP (military police) has pulled up behind me and is telling me that "they" had gotten reports of "an individual illegally taking pictures of a military installation". Heidelberg is chock-full of America's finest and they are obviously on high alert. I quickly swallowed my camera's CF card and told him I wouldn't be taken alive. Just kidding. The guy was really polite. I promised him I wouldn't take pictures of the base (wherever it is) and he was on his way.

By the way, with the long flights and relaxing day yesterday, I've listened to more music in the last week than I have in the last few months. Yesterday I almost made it coast-to-coast through Pink Floyd's "Animals". That one'll take you back...

Thought I'd throw in another few gratuitous shots from yesterday. Is it just me, or does Robert (who's 8) already look like a teenager? We're seriously considering feeding him less nutritious food.


Kato said...

"The Base" isn't even one. It's Patrick Henry Village - housing for up to 20,000 Americans (currently far less than that since most are in Iraq).

Located basically just west of the A5, stretching from the B535 in the South to Eppelheim in the North. Officially part of Kirchheim.

They're quite a bit tighter with security around Campbell Barracks in Südstadt for example. If you even dare stopping your car in front of it, you'll have the police and MPs after you in seconds.

essie said...

Okay...speaking as your blogger friend who lives on said Base...


MP's are whoa crazy about people taking photos....unfortunately, they are also WHOA crazy about bringing home teenagers who momentarily remove their helmets while dismounting from skateboards.

The MP's are mostly really young soldiers with an Ung-dly responsibility...I, for one, am glad to hear that your photos are safe!

(I don't know who "kato" is, but yes, some bases are even more rigorous in their pursuit to keep us safe. From the beautiful snaps in your post, you were close.)

Totally off subject...where is the thermalbad in Walldorf? It looks FABULOUS!

grpNiteroi said...

Hey Essie,
I couldn't find an address online. We heard it was cool from friends and found it via our navigation system (tourist attractions or something like that). This link at least has a satellite picture -- maybe you can dig around and find the address:

I was really impressed with it, especially for young kis.

Martin said...
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Martin said...


It's the "Waldschwimmbad" if I am not wrong. Here is the address:,+69190+walldorf&sll=49.301289,8.63177&sspn=2.185115,5.635986&ie=UTF8&t=h&z=16&iwloc=addr