Tuesday, May 13, 2008

If loving beer is wrong...

I have no intention of ever being right. While in Orlando, Thomas and I had a customer meeting at the
Peabody Hotel. Although it was nice to see how the other half lives, I'm shocked they command such absurd daily rates with the obvious duck infestation they seem powerless to curb. Even the most annoying Muzak imaginable was unable to deter these foul pests from bathing themselves in a wholly indecent manner in the lobby fountain.
I took an HDR on a whim and was quite happy with the results (see two versions below). Make your mouth water too? Not sure if it's obvious at first glance, but the reflections are most interesting...
Thomas had a Sam Adams. There's no accounting for taste (although when it's ice cold, you don't suffer much). If someone from the
Newcastle Brewery would like to compensate me for this endorsement or these wonderful, mouthwatering images, I can easily be bought with three words: free lifetime supply.

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