Sunday, May 25, 2008

Disney Studios...

We spent the third day at Disney Studios, next door to Disneyland. While this park tends to offer more rides for adults, I'm not particularly fond of it. Regardless, the kids had a blast.
When we were there last, they were building three new rides, which have since opened: Hollywood Tower, Crush's Coaster (from "Finding Nemo") and a kids' ride from the movie "Cars". We road all three. I didn't make it on Crush's Coaster, but it seemed to get top ratings from the rest of the family. I liked the Hollywood tower, which jerks you up and down for a minute or so (cummulatively) of weightlessness.
I continue to be worried about Emily. She got off the Hollywood Tower ride crying hysterically and actually shaking. Between short pants she could hardly control, she said "I'm soooo scared. I want to ride it again'." Robert got as far as putting his seatbelt on, then backed out.
We had lunch at McDonalds in the Disney Village. Robert and I took a quick balloon ride to get a birds-eye view of the place. It was a cool experience that I highly recommend.

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