Saturday, May 17, 2008

Why don't you move to Schwetzingen already?

A perfectly reasonable question given the regularity with which I have visited this fine burg of late. Today, I took Radost, a Bulgarian coworker, to the palace. Although not in top form after a late night in Heidelberg, I think she tolerated the excursion quite well.
Today,we went inside the mosque -- a first for the both of us. It is quite impressive. Unfortunately, I left my tripod mount at home so the panoramics I took (one of them HDR) suffered somewhat. At least Radost didn't while I took pictures (this onus being reserved for my better half). Trivially quoting McCarthur, "I shall return".
The one below was taken in an arc above my head. Interesting effect, no?
We also entered the Orangerie. There's a room there full of copies of the statuary you see throughout the gardens. Most cool in my opinion.
What caught my attention today was the number, variety and activity of the animals on the premises (particularly foul). To wit:
Later, I took the kids to the park while B ran errands in preparation of the arrival of her sister Marina. After giving her a day to recover from the trip from Brazil, we'll head to Euro Disney then Paris.
Although I wasn't actually attacked, virtually all the birds in these pictures met my interest with menacing stares and squawks. I asked Radost to remain at the ready to take a picture should one of them assault me as I can think of nothing that would make the Mrs. laugh harder. Sorry B, no dice this time.

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