Saturday, September 18, 2010

Don’t these people eat lunch?!

The church was crammed with people as was the schoolyard, so we assumed Walldorf's tiny little Haupstrasse would be overrun with folks wanting to have lunch on a beautiful early fall day. Wrong! We were essentially had the place to ourselves as far as dining is concerned.  IMG_0992 (683x1024)We've pretty much avoided Zum Erbprinzen ever since the owner was a bit abrupt with B one day (not my issue, but one has to pick one’s battles carefully) but today it was pretty much our only option. The food was absolutely excellent.IMG_0990 (655x1024)Sophia started by celebrating the big day with a Oktoberfest beer (Just kidding.  It was mine and it was good). IMG_0996 (683x1024) IMG_0994 (666x1024)We then shared some Camembert cheese, a favorite of ours. IMG_1023 (1024x683)IMG_1025 (1024x683)B had ribs. They were outstanding!IMG_1044 (1024x683) I had Cordon Bleu (enough to feed two hungry adults).IMG_1045 (1024x683) The girls had nuggets (and Spätzel), which looked great.IMG_1041 (1024x683) Robert had a Schnitzel that wasn’t particularly photogenic but tasty nonetheless. There was enough left over for B’s and my dinner tonight, a welcome respite from cooking after a long week. Anyway, I highly recommend this restaurant when you’re in the mood for a little German comfort food. By the way, the prices are extremely reasonable.

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