Monday, September 20, 2010

Unoriginal idea…

By the time I got back from the flower field (and B decided to crawl out of bed), it was almost lunchtime. I had wanted to go to Speyer for some time so we headed out, expecting the city to be filling up.     

We massively underestimated the popularity of this tiny burg on the Rhein as half the tourist and citizens in this state had the same idea. We were supposed to meet Thomas and Andréia there, but we both beat a hasty retreat upon seeing masses of people warily hunting a spot just to park. We decided to have lunch in good ol’ Walldorf.IMG_1216 (1024x683)Thomas and Andréia beat us to Marktstube by a few minutes. Thomas was drinking Apfelshorle, a mixture of carbonated water and apple juice that is the soft drink of choice for most Germans. As I can’t remember ever seeing him drink a non-alcoholic beverage, I was a bit concerned. Luckily, he quickly reverted to Hefeweizen (and I joined him). Copy of IMG_1204 (1024x683)Thomas recently bought a DSLR, so this was what he looked like most of the afternoon. IMG_1226 (1024x683)

I decided to show him some of my stupid camera tricks so took more shots of Walldorf’s famous fountain.IMG_1212 (1024x683)IMG_1213 (683x1024)On the way back home, I snapped a picture of the stork statue near the entrance to the Hauptstrasse. For whatever reason, I really love it.IMG_1293 (683x1024)

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